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  1. I looked back through my PCI documentation from previous years, it turns out that the version I had in 2017 said "corporate" in the name... and that apparently the card used to auto-renew the subscription "declined" (I hope due to expired card not being updated) and I assume that caused the "downgrade" ... Now it goes from a software issue to an accounting one... Thank you so much for all the assistance!
  2. I believe I used to have controls for data retention, is it possible that I upgraded to the wrong version when I received the prompt to upgrade? What version would you recommend? (The only time I had an issue was when MWB crashed computers globally (2 years ago I think), and I don't believe that was restricted to Server.) Thanks!
  3. hmm, I may have posted in the wrong sub-forum. This is what my screen looks like, it is running on Windows Server 2012 R2
  4. Malwarebytes Premium 3.7.1 - where are the log files and settings? Previous versions had a setting for how long to store the files, I can't find anything related to logs at all...
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