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  1. I’ll just reiterate that after purchasing one license in 08/2009 via Malwarebytes website and processed by cleverbridge then installing on one device, ca. 3yrs later or so there was some sort of communication from MWB that I was “able” to install on up to two additional devices, and I can’t recall whether a payment for *upgrade* was required. Nonetheless, I dowloaded the app on second Windows device, punched in existing Key/ID, and was good to go until recently and 3.8.x.xxxx release. No “scams”, no “flaws”, just was pointed toward second-device install, end of story.
  2. Thank you exile360 for your cogent response and seeming acknowledgment that the old *lifetime* license could support up to three devices, which exactly was my situation prior to ver. 3.8.x.xxxx, when I “upgraded” to a second Windows device using same key and license ID several years ago. As I mentioned in another thread on this three-device/one license issue, an explanation to longtime customers having an older *lifetime* license serving one or more devices that company policy has changed, it’s officially one license/one device now, and users having the *old* system in place will find after upgrading to latest MWB version that only one device can be supported by *old* key. It really is very unhelpful for staff and other vested parties to continually insist that a three-device/one license scheme (1) never existed, (2) users were “scammed”, (3) there was a “flaw” allowing multiple installations, and all the rest of it. The ensuing problem has put the ball in Support’s court to sort out re-activation issues, when - IMHO - better communication to the *lifetime* license user base may have alleviated much gnashing of teeth and upset customers. Many of us longtime MBAM users were of the “bought-installed-forgot” mindset, and never bothered with *accounts*, etc., as any problems encountered with anti-malware releases (e.g., memory-hogging) were usually addressed fairly quickly, and there never was any reason to meticulously preserve proof-of-purchase terms early on.
  3. Let me add here that the Support agent I’ve been working with to sort out a variety of issues has provided me with a generous second-license offer for my other Windows device that lost Premium protection after upgrade. I would suggest something similar be extended to other customers who lost multi-device coverage due to policy change, surely as a good-will gesture to reward/encourage product loyalty.
  4. Originally had same Key/ID for two Windows devices, as had no need for a third. Second device added several years ago, and was maintained until the 3.8.x.xxxx upgrade. I have to believe that there must be many other MBAM subscribers who are having this problem vis-à-vis “three-device lifetime license” and reversion to one-device/one-license after upgrade. I have no objection to the policy that Malwarebytes management is enacting, but in all fairness there should have been way better communications to long-time “lifetime” license holders who had multiple-device coverage that this new policy is in effect, and to not try to put the onus on customers by denying that there ever was such a entity as “three-device/one license lifetime subscription”. That is not the way to win hearts and minds! Enough people have already appeared on this Forum with the same story as mine, and no doubt others will surface as well while subscribers work their way through the 3.8.x.xxxx upgrade.
  5. I’ll belatedly chime in here, as I wholly concur with the two posters above who maintained that they had in hand a three-device *lifetime* license, which was altered after upgrade to 3.8.x.xxxx to a *one-license/one device* status. My experience exactly, and I don’t wish to relitigate this topic with MWB staff, as enough “ink” has been spent on this topic on another thread, but facts are facts, and I’ll leave it at that.
  6. Thank you for your response...actually, under a previous Ticket, I mentioned this peculiarity to the Support agent who has been working with me to actually register my license to MyAccount, and perhaps a fix can be effected at that end. Cheers
  7. OK, I think I’ve got it...under Settings > Account Name it shows (none); however, the space is greyed out, and it’s not possible to give account a *name*...any ideas?
  8. After a protracted struggle, MWB Support has now successfully updated my *lifetime* account from old to new email/PW and full account details. Now, after logging in to MyAccount portal, a <Select Account> page opens, with two options: (none), or Home. Selecting (none) puts me into the detailed account page, while Home returns to *You don’t have a subscription right now....etc.*. So, what exactly do those Account Options actually mean, and why does (none) open to correct sub page? BTW, big thank-you to *Rose* in Support for sorting out what turned out to be a very complicated issue.
  9. Final word on all this carry-on...Support confirms original license authorizes one device, even though I have had two Windows devices sharing same license key since 2010 - fact. Now, only one device has Premium up and running, with license showing *never expiring”. Cleverbridge confirms original purchase, all good there. Desktop PC will have to manage with Norton Security Suite and Defender, it is what it is. Nice chatting with you lot. Cheers
  10. Maurice...actually I did provide the Support agent in one of my email exchanges with the Key/ID info, but did not specifically ask for number of devices licensed. I shall do so forthwith. Cheers
  11. Hopefully, payment records from cleverbridge may shed some light on all this. BTW, is it possible for MWB Support, if supplied with Lic. Key and Lic. ID, to actually ascertain the number of devices authorized for that particular License?
  12. I’m relying on a not-so reliable memory here, but it seems to me that several years ago I upgraded the account to more than 1 device, then went through the SHARE protocol in order to place licensed protection on second (laptop) device. Now, does this explanation make any sense to those on this thread? Trying to account for same lic. key and lic. ID appearing on two Windows devices.
  13. As an aside, as mentioned in my other thread, downloaded and installed beta 3.8.1 on laptop, and it went smoothly, no reversion to *trial* or *free* versions, all license key and license ID data retained, and full IPv6 connectivity.
  14. Downloaded 3.8 Beta, and have restored all IPv6 connections...well done all!
  15. I'm positive that several years ago, following original license purchase for only the Windows desktop, I received an email - presumably from Malwarebytes - offering MBAM protection extended to 1 other device for a fee, which I opted for, and was able to install on recently purchased laptop, using existing license key. If all transactions done through Cleverbridge, I hope that payment records can be located, so all this business gets sorted. AFAIK, all these transactions were legitimate, and no hanky-panky was involved in order to "sneak" a valid license onto a second device. As I say, very confusing, and can't explain conflicting information.
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