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  1. Thanks for rapid response and clarification...secondary partition OS will have to be content with Norton Security Suite and Windows Defender.
  2. Hello...no doubt this topic had been covered previously, but I couldn’t locate with the search engine. So, jumping right, I’ve created a dual-boot option on my laptop currently having a single-device lifetime MWB license installed. Can this license be in fact used on the second partition where I’ve installed a second Windows OS? Thanks for any help on this.
  3. Whoa, let me correct that post by stating that it was in fact version 3.7.1.xxxx that was troublesome, and solved with 3.8.x beta
  4. I do recall with one of the last 3.8.3.xxxx releases, I reported here on one of the Forums that there was clearly a IPv6 connectivity issue, which was soon fixed by I believe to be the last release version of 3.8.3.xxxx before the transition to 4.0. And despite repeatedly forcing restarts on two Win7 machines, IPv6 connectivity is retained w/, YMMV, I do get that.
  5. Has the IPv6 defect been fixed? I downloaded the version yesterday, and this a.m. performed the tests run by the OP and have in fact full IPv6 connectivity.
  6. G'day all...up and running, thanks to your help and from "Jason" at Customer Support! The fix was reissuing a new (Lifetime) Key, using the current format, and removing the original Key and Lic. ID business, which no doubt led to all the upgrade problems. Version installed is, the very latest. Now I just have to correctly remove the old Key and Account and - I guess - create a new Subscription Account with the new Key...somewhat hesitant to launch into that without banjaxing the new fix. I've asked for Jason's help in this whilst replying to his email re: the fix. Again, thanks to all for your help...nice to be back online with full-protection suite active!
  7. Sub Lifetime Account page doesn’t use the “Available Devices” format, unlike my Annual/Renewable Account, which does. It only shows Seats Purchased 1 information, as I previously indicated. There is no Manage Device option, only Manage, which lists User(s), Status, Role, and Date added.
  8. Also, in responde to your earlier query, the Subscriptions page for the Lifetime License shows **Seats purchased** **1** , and all other info consistent with account.
  9. Also should add that I tried the “Deactivate All/Reactivate” routine, which also gave the Blacklisted response.
  10. Thank you for your response...ready to work with Support as soon as I here from them!
  11. Sorry, double-post...didn’tbrealize a new topic thread generated. Sorry, double-posted...didn’t realize that earlier post given a new topic thread.
  12. I have exactly the same problem: on my Windows machine with a Lifetime License MWB anti-malware, as an attempt to install latest 4.0 beta failed, reverting to the “free” version, and “Activate License” gave the dreaded “Blacklisted” message flashing up. I have a second Windows machine that has the Annual/Renewable Premium, and this upgraded to 4.0 smoothly and flawlessly. Last two attempts to move to the newest version of anti-malware on Lifetime License required the intervention of Support to sort things out, and I’ve received Ticket 2734549 from Support for help. Just don’t understand why version upgrades continue to fail with the my Lifetime License...surely by now the bona fides of the License have been established, and untroubled version upgrades should be routine, no? Hope this gets sorted quickly, as this PC is needed for work, and requires the full-protection suite to be operable 24/7. Thank you.
  13. Add me to the above complaint, as an attempt to install the 4.0 beta version on a Windows machine previously loaded with a MBW Lifetime License also failed...again. Last two versions of Premium anti-malware required Support for installation, while a second Windows machine having a second, separate, Annual/Renewable license could load and execute the 4.0 beta smoothly and flawlessly. Can’t understand why the problem is chronic with the Lifetime license, and really leads me to avoid any future version upgrades for my Lifetime license machine...Support has been notified, and I’ve received Ticket 2734549, and I do hope for a timely response, as this Windows machine is work-related and I need the full-protection suite operable. Thank you.
  14. I’ll just reiterate that after purchasing one license in 08/2009 via Malwarebytes website and processed by cleverbridge then installing on one device, ca. 3yrs later or so there was some sort of communication from MWB that I was “able” to install on up to two additional devices, and I can’t recall whether a payment for *upgrade* was required. Nonetheless, I dowloaded the app on second Windows device, punched in existing Key/ID, and was good to go until recently and 3.8.x.xxxx release. No “scams”, no “flaws”, just was pointed toward second-device install, end of story.
  15. Thank you exile360 for your cogent response and seeming acknowledgment that the old *lifetime* license could support up to three devices, which exactly was my situation prior to ver. 3.8.x.xxxx, when I “upgraded” to a second Windows device using same key and license ID several years ago. As I mentioned in another thread on this three-device/one license issue, an explanation to longtime customers having an older *lifetime* license serving one or more devices that company policy has changed, it’s officially one license/one device now, and users having the *old* system in place will find after upgrading to latest MWB version that only one device can be supported by *old* key. It really is very unhelpful for staff and other vested parties to continually insist that a three-device/one license scheme (1) never existed, (2) users were “scammed”, (3) there was a “flaw” allowing multiple installations, and all the rest of it. The ensuing problem has put the ball in Support’s court to sort out re-activation issues, when - IMHO - better communication to the *lifetime* license user base may have alleviated much gnashing of teeth and upset customers. Many of us longtime MBAM users were of the “bought-installed-forgot” mindset, and never bothered with *accounts*, etc., as any problems encountered with anti-malware releases (e.g., memory-hogging) were usually addressed fairly quickly, and there never was any reason to meticulously preserve proof-of-purchase terms early on.
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