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  1. I tried downloading Dexpot V1.6 (hxxps://www.dexpot.de) and was blocked with the following redirect: moz-extension://3a5fb12e-c521-45fd-8a1f-b2d4d1ac6336/redirects/blockedDownload.html?url=https%3A//www.dexpot.de/index.php%3Fid%3Ddownload&host=www.dexpot.de&type=scam&subtype=suspiciousDownload I have not used this program before, but my research suggests it's legitimate and can and has been licensed for corporate use. Is there something I'm missing in this program that makes it malware (a.k.a. known malware), or was this block generated by an algorithm that is considering it suspicious? This is the direct link to Dexpot (hxxps://www.dexpot.de) and their V1.6 Download (hxxps://www.dexpot.de/index.php?id=download). Regards, Jason
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