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  1. AdvancedSetup: Sorry, I have been unavailable for the last several days. Your help in resolving the problem worked. Thank you very much. aebruce...
  2. The popup on the lower right of my screen began showing up about 2-months ago. I have tried removing it with Malwarebytes, Adwcleaner 3.7, and Hitman Pro, but it's still there. I am running Windows 10 on a Lenovo laptop. It does not show up in the Programs or Apps folder. When I go to the Task Manager, it will not show up until after I close the task manager. The popup will stay on the screen for a few minutes and then closes to the right. I can also click on the white arrow to close it. Then, a few minutes later, it is back on the screen. Does anyone have any ideas as to how I can remove this annoying popup..
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