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  1. Hi, I hope this is my last post about this problem. I followed your instructions. Firstly, I looked on Internet to find out more about AVG browser. I´m not sure but it seems to me that Chrome and AVG browser share majority of the files and I think that´s why i couldn´t get rid of it. Ok, so what i did was I reset the settings in AVG browser (didn´t help), so i uninstalled it. Secondly, I tried to run the Chrome cleanup tool, which didn´t find anything suspicious. Then I reset the settings in Chrome, as you suggested. In the end, I uninstalled it to check if it would help.
  2. Hi, It´s me again and I made another scan. It shows no other PUPs, just the Trojan.LNKHijacker.ClnShrt as before. I´m also attaching a report from the Malwarebytes. What would you suggest me to do now? I was searching on the internet again and found this post, which was posted yesterday, about deleting it from the system. https://uninstallandremoveit.com/trojan-lnkhijacker-clnshrt-removal-steps/ Should I follow all the steps and try to remove it? Thanks Malwarebytes-scan-Sicko.txt
  3. Yes I had uninstalled the chrome before. Then i followed your instructions where you suggested me to do the sync reset so I downloaded the chrome again to do it. My main browser,which i use is chrome, i also have avg security browser installed but i´m not using it. Now i´m using Edge to write on this forum. I have made another scan and all it shows is still Trojan.LNKHijacker.ClnShrt. No other PUPs were detected during that scan. Thanks for answering me,
  4. I´m atttaching a report from Malwarebytes. Regards, Malwarebytes-cleanup-Sicko.txt
  5. Hello, I´m sending the report from the Adwcleaner. I have done everything like in the instructions. Thanks, Sicko AdwCleaner[C00]-Sicko.txt
  6. Hi, I have followed your instructions and I´m sending the .zip file. Thanks, Sicko mbst-grab-results.zip
  7. Hello, I have scanned my laptop with Malwarebytes, recently. It ended up showing several PUPs and this Trojan.LNKHijacker.ClnShrt as well. It moved them into quarantine, deleted them and restarted my laptop. It's ok until I'm still without internet connection. When I turn my internet connection on and start scanning, it finds it again with these PUPs. It shows that they are somehow connected with chrome browser, even though i have already deleted the chrome browser. Can you help me, please? Can you provie me with some advice, which can solve this problem? Thanks, Sicko
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