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  1. Sorry for the late reply, I did a full scan and it came out clean and everything seems good now so I believe this can be labeled as resolved. Again thank you
  2. Interesting, I followed your instructions and it worked. I want to point out that originally Bit Defender was not the anti virus I was carrying, it was Microsoft Security Essentials + Malware Bytes. My friend roughly 2 hours from the post where I state the rootkit exe wouldn't open insisted that I installed Bit Defender and give it a try. It was on the exception list for that program. It seems that strangely the problem of the issue was Microsoft Security Essentials, strange. I thank you for your time and apologize, at least I wasn't infected
  3. I managed to do the following up to a point. I had reached the scan option and started a scan. However, the scan seemed to close and just automatically close the program all together? I tried re-installing the program at the desktop as its destination, but upon completion it just closes and the UI never reappears.
  4. I'm sorry, apparently I had a bit of a dumb moment and did a bit of a typo. I am not using the mbam. I did reinstall Malware bytes at one point and double checked if the reinstall was indeed the latest version from this link. https://www.malwarebytes.com/mwb-download/thankyou/ I forgot to mention that I have tried running Malware bytes as a admin only for it to fail. No error notice pops up, just a brief loading circle via mouse then it disappears. It does show up in my event log. mbst-grab-results.zip
  5. System: Windows 7 I'm not entirely sure if I'm infected, but signs point to a yes. I tried to do a scan since one of my programs suddenly stopped working and re installation didn't resolve it. When I try to start Malwarebytes it automatically closes. I checked the event log but it just states there was an error but provides nothing else. I decided to play it safe by downloading chameleon then running it only to run into this. So am I infected and how do I fix this because I do like using malware bytes.
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