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  1. We thank you very much. Best regards, Mysthica Research and Development.
  2. Good morning, unfortunately we cannot attach what you requested because we do not have the file you request as we have not installed your antivirus on our pc. We kindly ask you, if it is possible, that you first analyze the new release of the ScreenReader software because it will be installed on third-party computers that may have installed your antivirus and we want to prevent your antivirus from blocking ScreenReader software as potentially harmful (obviously it is not). We look forward to your kind reply, best regards, Mysthica Research and Development.
  3. Hello we send the archive ScreenReader_Standalone.zip, a new update of the ScreenReader software (immunochromatographic test reading software) that we have already sent you in the past to submit to your verification. We kindly ask you also to check this update so that your antivirus does not consider it as a virus and does not block it on computers protected by your antivirus. We would also kindly like to know if every time we release an update to the ScreenReader software it is necessary to notify you to analyze it every time or if it is possible (and how) to insert it into your whitelist. Waiting for your kind reply, best regards, Mysthica Research and Development. ScreenReader_Standalone.zip
  4. Thanks a lot! I will follow your directions. The files are contained in the attached ScreenReader.zip archive. After checking that the files are ok, will you put them in your white list? I await your kind reply and thanks again, have good day. ScreenReader.zip
  5. Hello everyone, we need to have Malwarebytes analyze some files that are part of an immunochromatographic test reading software; the software is periodically updated. Once analyzed, we need these files to be included in the Malwarebytes white list. The files are not viruses, they are not harmful and / or potentially harmful. We kindly ask you to know what is the procedure to send these files, have them analyzed and put them in the Malwarebytes white list because blocking these files by your antivirus can cause us problems. We look forward to your kind reply, best regards.
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