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  1. I suppose anything is possible. This is the first time I've ever experienced this with Malwarebytes. I have never experienced it with ESET NOD32 in over 10 years.
  2. Well . . . excluding the Acrobat folder has resolved the problem. Will wait about 24 hours to remove it from the excluded list.
  3. OK, so the problem originated within Malwarebytes, not Adobe software. This begs the question, "Was this due to Malwarebytes being hacked?" If yes, what is the future reliability of Malwarebytes . . . my trusted safety net for the past 8-10 years (or longer . . . I don't remember when I first started using it). If no, then what caused the problem? .
  4. Glad to know that the folks at Malwarebytes are on top of things like this. Thanks. Am uninstalling and reinstalling after excluding the Acrobat folder. Will update on this shortly.
  5. ACE.dll does not exist on my computer. Apparently it is being blocked during the Creative Cloud install.
  6. WTF!!?? All of a sudden -- beginning about 9:30pm PDT -- Adobe Acrobat DC stopped working. Malwarebytes identified "backdoor.remcos" in the ProgramFiles (x86)/Adobe/AcrobatDC folder. This gets quarantined everytime I tried to print a document. Using Creative Cloud, I uninstalled the program, deleted the directories/folders, and reinstalled Acrobat. The program fails to launch with and error message "Acrobat failed to load its core .dll". This is obviously a systemic attack at Adobe, since it is here being reported as a widespread phenomenon. Without the ability to use Acrobat, I'm f****d.
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