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  1. That's because MBAM's AV definitions will only be picking up the suspected malware string at runtime.
  2. You can restore the file from quarantine, but MBAM will keep quarantining it at runtime until MBAM updates their AV definitions. Alternatively, if you still want to run Adobe Reader in the meantime you can add an exclusion rule (Exclusion Wizard) within MBAM under Settings.
  3. The file being picked up is a core.dll from Acrobat Reader which is required to open PDFs within their 'Protected Mode' sandbox (confined execution environment).
  4. I'm getting this also. FIle hash: 9f82c4dda5943c508761166ce4a2fe1a32d23e7c20aba263134efd4cac1f32b3 Looks like a false positive.
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