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  1. I'm not entirely sure if I solved the problem, but I removed the Edge Browser app from my phone which seemed to be randomly bouncing my location across the county from one search to the next. I have been able to complete surveys again so far, so I thought I'd let you know the outcome to this point.
  2. Any chance that you could include a mobile device admin in this chain to check out my phone? TIA
  3. I have considered a complete backup and restore, however there are photos and messages that are irreplaceable so I want to make sure and do it correctly. I have installed the Malware mobile app and run it a few times with no luck, however maybe a mobiel expert can dig deeper if they know what to look for more than I do.
  4. I have scanned both the laptop and desktop with Kaspersky with no threats found. I'm leaning more and more to my smart phone being the culprit.
  5. I think everything went through as instructed. Fixlog.txt
  6. Heres the most current logs for the laptop. Addition.txt FRST.txt Laptop AdwCleaner[C00].txt Laptop MalWarebytes Report.txt
  7. They aren't being very helpful in providing me information to help solve the problem. They won't provide any logs and provided me with similar IP checkers to the ones you suggested. I have checked all 3 devices and they come back to my local ISP and city. I have attached two of the laptop lopgs at this time and will work on the other ones this weekend. I can't find anything on either of the PCs and feel like the most likely culprit is my smartphone. Laptop AdwCleaner[C00].txt Laptop MalWarebytes Report.txt
  8. Finally got a response from the support team: Thank-you for contacting Your-Surveys support. Your account is currently blocked as we have detected a proxy being used on your account. We do not allow proxy usage as it is against our terms of use: www.your-surveys.com/partner/terms_and_conditions Therefore your account will remain blocked at this moment in time whilst we identify the cause on your account. Below are some common trouble-shooting questions that our users have found to help them identify proxies on their accounts: Are you using any tools to protect yourself or make your websur
  9. I have requested that the admin check my status to see if the problem is resolved. The site itself is Your-surveys.com.
  10. I'm not sure which device is causing the "ban". I use both devices quite frequently to make extra income and the only information that I receive from them is that my account is being flagged by their security software for using a VPN/proxy that is designated as Amazon or Amazon.com. I will say that after removing Trend and the steps earlier, the page loads are faster. Is it easier to work on one device at a time, or PC and Mobile simultaneously with different admins. You're the experts and I defer to you.
  11. I have uninstalled Trend Micro at this point and am using Windows Defender. I believe that I was able to follow Miekiemoes steps on my desktop. I noticed today that my mobile Edge browser was bouncing my location around the United States and I frequently access the consumer survey site through my smart phone throughout the day. I have used the Mobile Malwarebytes and it has never found an issue, however I can't seem to find a log to export. I'm not sure how to resolve/alter mobile settings to remedy this. I have removed Edge at this time and reset my phone. I will work on att
  12. Here's the info from my desktop reports. # ------------------------------- # Malwarebytes AdwCleaner # ------------------------------- # Build: 04-04-2019 # Database: 2019-06-18.1 (Cloud) # Support: https://www.malwarebytes.com/support # # ------------------------------- # Mode: Clean # ------------------------------- # Start: 06-22-2019 # Duration: 00:00:06 # OS: Windows 10 Pro # Cleaned: 4 # Failed: 0 ***** [ Services ] ***** No malicious services cleaned. ***** [ Folders ] ***** No malicious folders cleane
  13. I'm not sure if this is the right place to post of if anyone can assist. I've been accused of using an "Amazon proxy" by a consumer survey website that I frequent and I have been blocked until I am able to resolve the cause of the flag. When I use "whatsmyip", it shows up as the accurate location and address for my local provider. I have run through MWB, Hitman, and TrendMicro so far trying to locate the cause of the issue. I have a desktop, a laptop, and a mobile phone that have all been checked with no luck solving the puzzle. I'm hoping that someone here and shine some light and help m
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