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  1. I did not run the Fix run, nor used Adwcleaner. I only compiled my report and turned off the sync option for Google Chrome. If there is nothing else to worry about, then I believe I do not need anymore help. Again, thank you so much for assisting me!
  2. Okay... That's weird. I scanned my computer again for good measure, and this time it was able to remove all of the threats and prompted me to restart my computer. I guess my case here is closed then? Anyway, thank you so much for taking your time to assist me.
  3. I'll get to doing this in a few days. Unfortunately, I picked a bad time to try to fix this as I have a small family vacation coming up tomorrow, haha. Also, I did turn off the "sync" feature for Chrome. Apologies as I forgot to mention that in my last reply.
  4. I apologize for the long wait. Had a full work shift to do before getting around to doing this. I appreciate you reaching out to me to help me with this! mbst-grab-results.zip
  5. So I've recently decided to install Malwarebytes to scan my computer for threats after being an idiot and not having it installed in the first place years ago. It quarantined/removed a lot of malware that I wasn't aware I had, with the exception of one labelled "PUP.Optional.SearchManager.BITSRST" which is located in my Secure Preferences folder for Google Chrome. When I repeatedly scanned my computer to try to quarantine it, it keeps telling me I have 12 threats labelled "PUP.Optional.SearchManager.BITSRST", and keeps saying that all of them are removed except for the same one that Malwarebyt
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