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  1. I will see the articles you send to me , thanks for all the help
  2. Thanks , I 've cleaned thath already , was the first thing I did . Was only worried because I had did a clean Windows install and never had that toolbars that are on these PuP's on my computer , had one mal.ru PUP and really had installed that by mistake that's why I made the clean install . So I was not understanding why adwcleaner detect that and why only the adwcleaner .
  3. I did a clean install of Windows after have mail.ru adware , I have cleaned that adware before the clean install So I had think that I will be fine ... But for my suprise I ran the adwcleaner and they show me 6 pup legacy that never had installed on my computer and never had been on my browsers ... I ran malwarebytes too to conpare both and malwarebytes doesn't had detect anything ! So I cleaned the pup's with adwcleaner . Until now seems all good on my conputer , strange is was all good since I've clean install Windows , so I never had a suspecion that adwcleaner were really scan anything . I will left on attachment the log , and please could someone tell if it was dangerous pup files and I can continue using safely my Windows after cleaning it ? I am really worried about my security on my Windows ... Thanks in advance AdwCleaner[S00].txt
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