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  1. Yep. All Good. I was reading a thought in one of the comments on this post (which I think Appleinsider was a bit to much alarm on). So, I knew this was the best place to ask. In that post, a user talked about Cocktail needing full access with issues.... As always, thank you BOTH for responding. Great customer service!!!! https://appleinsider.com/articles/22/10/26/malwarebytes-crippled-by-macos-ventura-update
  2. Good to know, as I figured this was the best place to ask. Just wanted to be sure I didn't need to take action after the 12.6.1 MacOS Update. I read someplace it was an unknown yet for the latest Monterey update and wanted to find out here so I know. Thank you, as always Al
  3. Does the bug that is affecting full disk access for those running Ventura affect users updating the latest Monterey version 12.6.1? I'm holding off on Ventura, but wondering if the issue in Ventura that is causing this bug might have also been introduced in 12.6.1.
  4. so far, just a slight tweak of the wording....
  5. I just updated with the new update today, no issues as far as the first scan just spinning but no progress is made in the counter. All is well with that; however, once again 2 out of 3 machines didn't auto reopen after install.....and it's different from last time. Used the same procedure for all three. I'm guessing there is something random going on here...probably due to one of the odd security updates that Catalina had. I made screen shots of the ending part of the log, but not sure if that will help you. I know I send the actual log file last time. According to the log, install is successful. As long as no errors, then I'm not sure there is much I can do. I know Catalina is old, so getting ready to update to Big Sur. Thoughts?
  6. Just updated to the latest version and see the SA is coming along. One tweak you might consider. I currently have protection updates checking daily but App updates off. The current warning message says, "Auto updates for software and protection are turned off." You might want to update that to either be conditional (and/or) or just have a sub box noting condition of both. The other additions look great.
  7. Hi. Sorry for the delay. Been dealing with Covid (and right in the middle of it). A couple of things. I see a new version of app is available today. Going to install that and see what happens. Also, I'm about to upgrade to Big Sur from Catalina, so hoping that might be of help too. Let me see if I can reproduce again.
  8. What happens to me is that after an update of the main software, when I hit scan, the progress bar is moving but not files are being scanned. I have to restart the MBA for it work normally. I see this on 3 machines running latest Catalina with all updates applied. I know, I need to update to either Big Sur or Monterey. Hopefully soon.
  9. Just wanted to follow-up, as I just updated 3 MBA's running Catalina. 2 of them updated normally and the app re-opened but the 3rd one just updated and did not reopen. I had to launch manually. No idea why the difference, I did all three the same. Everything shows updated, just something is triggering a no auto relaunch. I did copy some log files from both, just need to compare the ends.
  10. So, I got the follow-up email from MWB apologizing for the technical glitch. Are we saying that this indeed was real and that there was a glitch?
  11. I got my first email security report. Says all is well, but shows way more protected devices that I have. My profile shows the correct version when I log into my account. Any idea why this is off? Where does that data come from in the email?
  12. Done and Done :) I purchased a license group online, entered into the apps, then updated my online profile. I should be good to go now.. Thanks for your help, as always.,
  13. Sweet. This is taken care of :) After purchasing via the website, then I need to register them on the main portal?
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