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  1. Thank you! Have seen that for the first time now. One followup, I know you can open reports to check, but could a notification be added to show you updated complete just as an after action notification?
  2. Hello Treed and thank you for replying. Well, on 3 different MBA's, I've let the updates lag as a test. There has been no indicator in the main window that updates are out of date. Then, I ran the "update protection" from the minulet and then opened reports to show that it updated to a new version.Would it be possible, as a feature request, to add a GUI box on the main window that just list current app version and version of protection updates currently installed? Also, from that minulet, I always see "last protection update" as occurring before I opened the app. I do not have that option checked in preferences, so I'm just wondering what this represents. Like I said, been using this app for some time and have always loved it. Just trying to understand this new update to version 4x.
  3. First, I do love the new GUI. I know you can check for APP updates via the pull down menu. Does that Check for App updates and protection updates, or just app? I know you can see when the last update check occurred by pulling down the menulet, but I do miss the ability to see "outdated" on the main screen to remind you that what you have is outdated. Is there no way to see that now, or does is appear somewhere still when outdated? I know you can view the reports box, but It would be nice to have a GUI box on that main page that shows current APP version and Current Protection Update version. Again, love this app and have been using for awhile now. I love seeing the ad at the LAX airport when I am out there.
  4. One thing I do miss is seeing "outdated" on the definitions updates. I could just click that and it would say "downloading...applying." Is there a way to either add a GUI to the main screen that actively shows App version number and current update version number (and if outdated?).
  5. Just wanted to let you know I have on 3 different machines and the cursor has to be at "the very, very top" in order for the window to move.... Could another color be added to the top to show the "drag control area?"
  6. I actually had this question too. I love this app and do have the free edition. Just putting my 2cents in to have this option added as part of the free edition. When I was looking at the latest manual, it's a bit unclear that this option no longer works. I've added a screenshot below for reference.
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