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  1. Thank you so much for the advice, I've been looking into changing into another browser because I know chrome isn't secure at all. It's just so convenient, you know. But I used to use firefox years ago so the change back shouldn't be so hard. Ill make sure to start incorporating these tips soon! Have a great weekend!
  2. Hello Ron, I've been giving it some time now after doing what you instructed in your last post, and I havent had a warning since? However as I thought about it, I think I saw them last before doing the FRST fix from your post before your last one, and after using your script. I'm not sure though, but the block warning hasn't popped up for almost two days now so it seems the problem is resolved and I am so grateful for your assistance. It was invaluable and I can't believe you do this for free, what a saving grace! I gotta say I'm very disappointed that I paid for Norton but it couldn't resolve this...Maybe after my licence runs out I'll get malwarebytes instead. It just feels more human going through a forum with a problem like this than letting a stranger from a corporation possibly need to remote control my computer to fix the problem. Either way, thank you again.
  3. Hello Ron, thank you for the response! Step one:log.txt step two: Didn't get a clean and repair option, got Run Basic Repair, and the option to save a log alongside that option, so i saved a log before and after clicking that option. the first file before running basic repair was AdwCleaner[C00].txtand the log after is AdwCleaner[S00].txt step three: Addition.txtFRST.txt I hope I have followed the instructions well enough, i downloaded the software from the links you provided.
  4. Hello, Call me Adrian. I have Norton antivirus and recently started seeing this warning popping up all the time, and no matter how deep i let Norton run it wont do anything but say it's blocked the attack. I found someone else on this forum who experienced the same issue in this thread, but i can't recall ever seeing activity 9 being shown like they had, in my case it's only activity 7. I tried running the same programs as the person in this thread was told(without having my logs checked) but the warning about the blocked attack keeps coming up. Norton asks me all the time to run power eraser and scan for bad files and one such file found time and time again when run is riched32.dll, i don't know whether this is a bad file or not, but even if i remove it, it comes back. I'm willing to do anything instructed to remove the issue, follow the instructions exactly and do nothing but as instructed. I would appreciate the help a lot, because this is simply beyond my abilities. Im aware this could take time so I'm in no rush. Thank you beforehand for having a forum you can turn to for help with these things.
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