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  1. OK .. thanks The issue has evaporated for the Avast customer .. and the other customer has sidestepped it by temporarily turning off MalwareBytes No detections were triggered .. and in both cases they were running a cocktail of AV programs so it is unreasonable to point fingers There is very little incentive for either of them to gather logfiles, but If I have another incident I will try and get them to do that. Thanks for your time/advice
  2. Hello, I am the Author of QuickSnooker - a Windows Snooker game I recently released version 8.0.327 - I have a few customers (2 I know of) who have had different issues - we think relate to MalwareBytes - One (running Malware Bytes and Avast) Experiences "The application was unable to start correctly" The other (runing Avira and MalwareBytes) experienced a host of errors possibly relating to restricted disk write access in %localappdata% Bottom line is I would like you to analyse/whitelist the attached .exe - it is perfectly safe - but appears to crash on machines running multiple AV solutions Many thanks qsProgram.zip
  3. Hello Team I have only ever had a positive experience with Malwarebytes - You were extremely helpful when a program I published came up as a false positive. I'm looking for some peace of mind on my server - and installed Premium for Business (I think) .. Trying to do the right thing, I thought I'd check out the prices .. now this isn't complaint at all - but, I know how it is when you design a bit of UI - what might be entirely obvious to the designer - just isn't to the end user. So, here - in the attached image … I have no Idea what I am buying multiple(s) of … multiple licenses ? . multiple Years ? Especially in the context of Teams … and the mix and match thing just makes it worse.. if I buy 3 units.. is that 1 for Mac, Windows and Android ? I thought I would capture and share my initial confusion - it is valuable.. because once it's gone, it's gone. OK... I've played with it some more - and tbh.. my understanding is (now) … that that I am buying multiple licenses .. per computer Assuming that's correct - a very simple addition of "Device(s)" (or "installation(s)", or "seat(s)" or "endpoint(s)" or whatever) - after the [+] button would massively clarify things. Also - the 'learn more' link - is, I have to say, much clearer - when you get there - but this initial 'in your face' 2 way screen just needs that small tweak to win you more business. Hope that helps Nick
  4. Hi Mieke I have attached the last three versions of the launcher - for obvious reasons I try very hard not to change it (in fact v3 is not in the wild yet for that reason) Would it be useful for you to have copies of the payload (QuickSnooker.exe - zipped) source code, and/or the scripts it runs ? It shells windows scripting host - which I always knew would ring alarm bells - but I deliberately made no attempts to obfuscate any of the programs actions. Code signing is expensive for me as an indie developer - I'm not even sure it can be done with my 'legacy' (vb6) tools - bold new versions in GoLang and TypeScript are on the way - but probably a year off, end they won't be client-side installable anyway. Does the (anti malware) industry have any sort of single portal where I can submit genuine programs for analysis/approval/validation - I've put it on virusTotal but the results are unconvincing.. I've had zero new customer sales for over a week now and this is killing me .. Many thanks Nick qsLaunch3.zip
  5. Hi I'm Nick, the author of the above program and the owner of QuickSnooker.com One of my customers had kindly reported this .. I have also installed Malwarebytes to check the issue and can confirm that whilst I don't get a detection from the real-time protection .. the file did appear (many times as I have many versions) as anomalous in a system scan. The original (and permanent) download location is http://cloud.quicksnooker.com/qsLaunch2.exe I can provide source code for the executable - if you like - or it is posted on VirusTotal Whilst I'm here - can I congratulate you on your turnaround time and customer service - which is spectacularly better than some of your competitors. It's also great to see a product hat just seems to get better over time and doesn't appear to fall victim to it's own success. And the forum works great, and the app is polished and logical - and seems to do what it's told - having worked with some of the others the last few days which are buggy, illogical and disobedient - it's a refreshing change. Nick Axworthy QuickSnooker.com
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