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  1. Hello Ron, I took a couple of days to check the issue is definetuvely gone! Google chrome is working well. There is no mail.ru extension, and ADW cleaner detects no issue in the Whole system. Now the question (if you have the time to reply)… what happened? Why it got so tough? Anyway, many thanks P.S. Do you still want I install Firefox for checking ? Let me know Regards
  2. Thank you for your support, Sir. Here is all the files required. MBs summary.txt AdwCleaner Log file.txt Addition.txt FRST.txt
  3. Ok. I did all the steps you suggest me. Unfotunately mail.ru is still there. More... also an Avast extension is been added by another program (it say). Note: Let me add: when I deleted all the files from Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\, Bookmarks files weren't in the directory. I hope this detail could say something about. Personally, I'm still thinking maybe chrome is not in trouble,trans maybe there is something that create this issue to chrome . Sure, I can remove this ext.ension, but everytime I did, and removed the issue by ADW, it respawn to the next chrome start. thank you for your interest and help
  4. Sorry for the delay answer. I removed chrome and any folder conected with, and I installed it again, and story goes on. A software added the exthension. ADW detect it and remove it. But everytime chrome starts I'm in the same trouble. It seems a system log trouble, but I have no idea. The only way to ADW detect no problems is to remove google chrome by. It looks like I'll have to give up on chrome for the moment. At least, til I'll understand what's goin' on and why...
  5. I'm sorry guys, but my chrome is not sync (as you can see in the attached images). It seems, there is another program takes the trouble to add the pup I'll try to remove chrome, clean by adw, and install again??
  6. Hi tehere. I got mail.ru recently. I deleted all the folders connected with it, and I suppose removed by adwcleaner, but everytime I open chrome, it said there is a program which added an extension to chrome, so I remove that, run adwcleaner, it detect it, reeboot, and everything seems to be alright and clean, until I run chrome again. I can set it off, and it could be a solution, but if I try to remove from chrome extension or from the computer by adwcleaner, it appear again and again I can find no suspicious software installed in directories, either in the control panel. But I'm not sure it was removed completely. P.S. Also I ran the mb support tool (I attached mbst grab results) mbst-grab-results.zip
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