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  1. OK, 1) ALL DELL updates (4, including BIOS) installed; 2) TREND MICRO WORRY-FREE BUSINESS SECURITY disabled; 3) mb-support- app runs and CLEAN install runs to apparent completion; 4) MWB launches successfully and does a scan of system; 5) TREND MICRO restarted - no apparent trouble; 6) MWB launches successfully again. I guess this one is cleared. As a point of info, I have another PC running 64-bit Win 10 Pro that did not have these problems. I have been running the TREND MICRO product for more than 15 years. I rely on it. MWB 3 was running successfully on this PC. So why does MWB 4 fail on the same platform that was successfully running MWB 3? Grist for the developer's mill? Thanks again, Bill Peavy
  2. Sorry, but it still doesn't work. Symptoms really appear the same. Attached are the logs. FWIW, Trend Micro doesn't much like what FRST is doing and I had to override warnings. Thanks again... mbst-grab-results-2.zip
  3. Windows 7 sp1 32-bit, MB 4.0.4 update/install hangs with black window as shown in attachment. I've tried uninstalling and re-installing but get same result. The only possible conflict I can imagine is TrendMicro WorryFree Business Security version 10 SP1. I could revert to MalwareBytes v if necessary. HELP Please!
  4. Thanks for this information. When I originally licensed MBES, I remember being told it would work with Windows Server 2016. That said, it seems to me that several users would have been saved grief had MBARW made at least a minimal effort to see if it was being installed on an unsupported OS. Almost every software in my experience tests for compatibility with the OS -- why not MBARW? Anyway, thanks for your clarification.
  5. Dylion, I've not seen this documented anywhere. Can you point it out please? Thanks,
  6. As far as I can tell, that's the case. I just completed running Windows Backup on the server and that application INVARIABLY spawned that BSOD. I left the Anti-Malware and Anti-Exploit products on the server and we're not having any problems so far. Hope this helps...
  7. Well, I've seen in on my DELL PowerEdge T440 Server. I removed Anti-Ransomware last evening and I'm running the Windows Backup right now. Windows Backup would ALWAYS trigger this event when starting up. Thanks for all the posts on this.
  8. I'm having the same issue. My server is Windows Server 2016 Std. There is a report of the same issue in a Microsoft TechNet post: "Just in case someone else is seeing this issue Windows Server 2016 14393.2972 and above will BSOD-Kernel Auto Boost Lock Acquisition With Raised IRQL in fltmgr.sys if you have Malwarebytes anti-ransomware installed Can confirm with product Not sure if this affects the all in one solution" I get numerous event 0 arising in MB3Service and one in MBAMService. And I can MAKE it happen when I start Windows Backup to a USB3 External Drive.
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