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  1. Reading doesn't automatically mean comprehending. You better just move on.
  2. I don't need your assistance. I need the company as a whole to be more customer-centric and not just talk about it. Read the entire thread, then move on.
  3. Wow ... passive aggressive much?
  4. If all you see are roadblocks, you'll never get anywhere.
  5. Wow, are you always so negative? Like I said ... stop coming up with reasons why something can't be done and start thinking about how it might be done.
  6. It's not the influence of one a/v or a/m company. It's a group of many different software publishers banding together to force the hand(s) of larger companies. And they can't call the anti-malware Justice League because no one bothers to form one. Also, your conclusion about a larger group having no effect makes no sense. Just because one small company would have no effect doesn't mean the same would be true of a larger group. Regarding verification ... you don't need to verify every single key - just the bona fides of the sellers. If they are verified and identified as such, and non-verified sellers are not allowed, illegitimate software will disappear - at least from large retailers. People need to stop throwing up excuses for why something can't be done and start talking about why something can/should be done.
  7. Also, just because technical support was provided in the past doesn't mean they don't deserve criticism now or for other aspects of customer support.
  8. Never said I didn't accept the free year.
  9. I think you're oversimplifying the validation process to make it sound easy to bypass. There are numerous things that can be done to make it harder to game the system - regular re-authorization for example and a significant financial penalty for any participant who violates the terms. Also, if MWB and other publishes don't band together to demand/force Amazon, eBay and others to require verified seller programs, then they're not really working in the cusomer's best interest.
  10. I grant you, it's a good product. The support is another issue.
  11. I hear what you're saying, but it's obvious Amazon doesn't want to solve the problem - my guess is because they profit from it. If they did, they'd implement a "verified seller" program where prospective sellers would have to provide verifiable contact info along with authorization from the software publisher before they can sell any product on Amazon.com. MWB should be pushing for such programs and working with Amazon to prevent the sale of their products - which could easily be automated once such a program is put in place - anyone who isn't verified doesn't even get to add their wares. This would enable buyers to instantly recognize authorized reseller - something they can't do now - and it would eliminate illegitimate/pirated products. MWB forces customers to do everything in this regard.
  12. And you know this how? Do you work for them? If not, I contend your comment is mere supposition.
  13. TBH - I don't recall. I think not though, because I still had to work on the old laptop before switching over completely. You'd think MWB would err on the sire of caution for a customers sake and provide a grace period of a week or so. they claim to be customer focused, but they're not. Their tagline is, "Imagine a world without malware." They should imagine a world without customers. Regarding 3rd/4th party sellers - yes, Amazon is at fault, but so is MWB for not doing more to stop these dirt bags who operate right out in the open - on major retail websites like Amazon and eBay. It's literally impossible for them not to have know about this.
  14. Don't make the mistake I did. I purchased a lifetime license for MWB Pro from Amazon in 2014 - the last year they were offered by MWB. I registered and activated the program on their site and signed up in the user forums. I even received assistance via email from MWB support on multiple occasions. Fast forward 5 years. While upgrading to a new computer, MWB would not activate. I thought this was strange because I had done the same thing a few years earlier with another new computer, and had no problem with the activation. Now, MWB says my license is no good and that the seller I bought from was not authorized. It was Amazon! On Amazon's site it says, "sold through Amazon Digital Services", not some 4th party!!! I understand there may be pirates out there, but a HUGE retailer like Amazon? If it's pirated, how can MWB not know about this, let alone not do anything about it? Am i pissed? Yeah, I'm pissed. MWB abandoned me! They ignored the email copies I sent them of messages I'd received from their support department and claimed no such account existed. But I have the emails and I have the account info saved in my password manager! I even had them check my other email addresses. NADA! Bottom line? All they would do is offer me a 1 year license, which I'd have to pay to renew. I could be wrong, but I think it's just as likely that MWB realized offering lifetime licenses was a dumb idea and now they're falsely claiming the licenses are illegitimate, just to get rid of them. SHAME on MWB for this and SHAME on them for not doing more to ferret out bad sellers and for not working with large vendors like Amazon to prevent this sort of thing from happening. Shame on them also for not stepping up and doing the right thing. They had the opportunity to convert an angry customer into a customer for life, but they didn't think it was worth their time. In the past, many, many friends/colleagues have purchased MWB based on my recommendation as a former technology professional for over 20 years. I'll contact ALL of them and tell them of my experience. As good as MWB the software is, I'll also recommend they look elsewhere for anti malware protection. After all ... what good is software if the company behind it is no good?
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