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  1. the process of closing mbam and shutting down and restarting appears to have worked. SORRY i bothered you over this. i had shutdown and restarted computer, but not mbam thank you.
  2. pretty sure its mbam premium. attached image is what pops up when i visit the site. dont see an mbam extension in the chrome extensions do u get the same block msg when u visit www.michelsoft.net?
  3. am requesting TEMERC to clear my blacklist for site michelsoft.net OR tell me if i am doing something wrong. bluehost says scans are clean, google search say no problems., so i am confused why mbam still blocks my chrome with website blocked after multiple requests to clear this up. i have been a STAUNCH advocate of mbam for many years, but am a little frustrated with this issue. please let me know what the issue is and how to resolve it. thank you.
  4. am a little confused as to what's going on here. can someone look into WHY my site is still blocked by mbam as a phishing site when google search says it's clean AND my host has run multiple scans of the site and says it's clean. please look into this and let me know if there is something i am missing here that i can clear up. thank you.
  5. good afternoon - your last correspondence indicated the blocking of michelsoft.net would be cleared in couple hours. it's now a little over 24 hours and mbam is still blocking my chrome browser. can you further investigate this matter for me? thank you.
  6. bluehost has scanned site multiple times - no infections in site, but mbam blocks it as a phishing site. please investigate. i am not happy with setting an exclusion without knowing why this is happening. thank you. MBAM Phishing.txt
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