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  1. Hi Yeah, I suppose you're probably right about what's happening, but it's still weird in it's randomness. I had meant to download a trial version that day but put it on hold. Anyway, thanks for replying (and sorry it took me this long to post back - the forum seems to think I'm a spammer...).
  2. Sorry if it's the wrong place to post but I couldn't find anything more appropriate. I've noticed the other day, while having 2 computers on, that the graphics on the website's frontpage weren't the same. On one computer (running win 10 and edge) I got a pic of a cute-ish robot with a pink shield and a katana on its back, and on the other computer (win 10, edge and firefox) I got a split bluish tinted pic of a more badass kind of robot shooting stuff off its hands. This one also appeared when running ubuntu 18+firefox and on an old android tablet. At the same time there was no indication that there's anything not legit with any of the versions (I checked the certificates, etc). Later I tried ubuntu 18 + brave I got the cute robot again. Then badass robot on brave and cute robot on firefox... Are the pics just cycling in the most weird way ever or what? It really shouldn't work this way as it's confusing and messes up the website's identity. My first reaction when seeing both pics at once, one in each computer was "crap, I landed in a fake website". Someone should really look into that.
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