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  1. Exile 360. Thank you very much for your detailed explanations. I'll copy this text and check MS Technet. I've used them a couple times and found that information handy. My system appears clean and my use of Malwarebytes over the past couple years has helped I am sure. I routinely use a couple of different cleaners/programs hoping if one misses something the other might catch it. I would really not like to thoroughly scrub these larger hard drives and then restore from a backup. Thank you for the, as always, exceptional support.
  2. Have read/searched and became a forum participant in an attempt to find what the various AdwCleaner Basic Repair Actions mean/do and what needs to be selected. So far I have only found that Basic Repair is seldom needed. However, being curious, I am still interested in what actually is reset such as 'reset hosts files' etc. The current user manual is to brief in its explanations.
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