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  1. No Bonefreeze displayed at any time so assume problem is over. Maybe you could explain why I could not have simply deleted Bonefreeze as the default browser and made Bing the browser?
  2. I used just "CMD" without the .exe and ran the system but wasn't really sure what I should do apart from using Edge and then checking that Bing is now the browser of choice and that Bonefreeze is still not showing. Edge uses Bing correctly all the time and I have not seen Bonefreeze in the top window so I assume that it has been removed and that there is nothing else to do. Thanks again, Gledders
  3. Tomorrow is International cricket match at Lord’s. Out all day watching it - Australia v New Zealand. Follow it at ICC World Cup. (World Cup is International. Unlike World Series!)
  4. Back at my laptop after time away. The first thing I did was try your suggestion of 21 June: “Use Windows File Explorer. Go to Windows\System32 scroll thru the list to cmd.exe use your mouse pointer, do a right-click on cmd.exe and select Run as Administrator Once the command prompt-window is showing, Copy and paste this start microsoft-edge:https://bing.com I went to Windows(C:) then clicked on System32 but there was no cmd.exe in the list. What do I do next please? I had previously found that search provider had defaulted to Bonefreeze so I changed it back to Bing and deleted Bonefreeze Carried out AdwCleaner scan as suggested by you and I attach the .txt file. I hope we have nearly concluded this. Thank you again for your excellent support. Steve AdwCleaner[C00] Gledders2 June28.txt
  5. Thank you for asking. I am away from my office for a few days and do not have my laptop with me because of the problem. I will get back to you later in the week.
  6. I deleted "start" and just entered microsoft-edge:https://bing.com Is this incorrect? I could use Bing in Edge (which appeared) but entering into the top dialog bar I get "Website blocked due to PUP"
  7. Followed your instruction and pasted start microsoft-edge:https://bing.com and then clicked OK Response is Windows cannot find start, see attached screen grab in uploaded images. More advice please.....
  8. I did as suggested "Press and hold the Windows-flag key on keyboard & tap the X key" However "Command Prompt (Admin)" is missing on the flyout menu. Cropped screen clip is attached as JPG file to illustrate. I Googled for this problem (which is well recognised) but am not sure which of many different approaches to take. What is your recommendation please? Thanks
  9. I ran Adwcleaner and attach the results in attached file 'AdwCleaner[C00] Gledders1.txt'. Also attached is file 'Fixlog Gledders1.txt'which is the same Fixlog file that I sent recently but renamed with Gledders1 at end Having rebooted I went into Edge and entered a word to search but got the page which I attach as a screen grab 'Bonefreeze Malwarebytes page.jpg'. Edge goes to https://go.bonefreeze.com/**************** so it looks like bonefreeze has not yet been removed. Please let me know what I should do. Thank you AdwCleaner[C00] Gledders1.txt Fixlog Gledders1.txt
  10. I have made progress. Fixlog.txt is attached. I have stepped working on it now as it late (22:20hrs UK) but will continue with ADWCLEANER tomorrow Fixlog.txt
  11. Maybe this is how you want me to reply I am sorry but I do not understand the way that the messages are sent and how I should reply. The emails are listed as 'No reply'. Please tell me how you want me to reply. The only file I see is a .txt one with the following which I am sure is not right Start CreateRestorePoint: CloseProcesses: CMD: ipconfig /flushDNS EmptyTemp: Reboot: End Please help. I normally find these things easy but I am confused. Where is the attached file? Maybe just send it as an attachment to my email steve.gledhill@outlook.com
  12. Please help. I normally understand things like this but I am confused. Hello, @Gledders Did you see my reply ? Are you still needing help ? Please advise. I am looking for the support tool report in order to help you. Cheers. I will do the next stage when I get back to my office
  13. I cleared some time to do this as you had warned that I need a lot of time. However when I started I realised that the file that I was expecting "custom Fix script which is going to be used by the FRSTENGLISH tool." was not present. Please can you send? Thank you
  14. I am away from my office and my computer and will not be able to progress this until Monday - possibly Sunday. Please be patient!
  15. Thank you for asking. I have been away from my desk the last two days, returning late today. I hope to be able to devote time to this tomorrow Wednesday. Can you please explain why Malwarebytes is not able to remove Bonefreeze.com itself and why all this procedure is necessary. Will I have similar situations with possible future malware?
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