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  1. In Sophos (free version) I turned off "Real time protection", "Malicious traffic detection", and "Web protection". In Malwarebytes I turned on "Web protection". After rebooting, Edge and Chrome ran just fine. This confirms your diagnosis.
  2. Maurice - No change in my situation but now I understand the problem. Thanks to you.
  3. AdwCleaner detected files in the Registry (all under \DOMStorage\ or \EpdDomStorage\ with names like dotomi.com and thebrighttag.com. These were quarantined (I think) but the problem persists so I rebooted (Windows 10 home) and ran the Malwarebytes Support Tool. The resulting zip file is attached. mbst-grab-results.zip
  4. Both my Windows 10 machines have the same problem. Malwarebytes Premium prevents Edge and Chrome browsers from working if "Web protection" is on. The browsers just spin. Everything is fine if I switch it off but then I don't have this component of protection. This has been the situation for years.
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