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  1. Hi just thought I would feedback. I got an email from Sourav who has reset my License and I now have Malwarebytes activated again and working in Premium with all features enabled. I have replied to Sourav's email thanking him and asking if he can migrate my old licenses from my old account into the new one. Hopefully he'll be able to, but in the meantime at least I have Malwarebyets activated again. Thank you all for your input and advice. Matt
  2. Hi Ron, Thanks for your reply. This is such a friendly forum. I've only just joined and I feel like everyone is so helpful. Thank you. Hopefully this will get sorted out. Thanks again, Matt
  3. Hi exile360, thank you very much for your helpful response. I have done as you advised and sent my query over to support. I have received an confirmation email and ticket number. I explained the situation, so hopefully they'll be able to help me. In the meantime I'm going to turn this off before it drives me mad. Thanks again Matt
  4. Hi I'm new to the forum, so first of HELLO.!! I'm Matt. The reason I've joined I'm looking for some help with Malwarebytes Premium version with Lifetime License. After updating to version 3.7.1 my Premium License has deactivated, informing me I have reached the maximum number of activation's. I understand if I can log into my Malwarebytes account I can de-authorize the computer that the license is registered with and then re-activate Malwarebytes. However I don't know the password for my Malwarebyes account, which is the problem. I know the email address, it was Doesn't matter if I post that here, that email address no longer exist and therefore I don't have access to it. Basically If try and sign in to my account I can enter the email address, but I don't know the password. Also I can click on forgot password and enter my email address (the old one I no longer have access to) and it looks like it does send an email, but of course I cannot receive it. How can I regain access into my account. It's the account where all my licenses are registered? Thanks in advance for any help. Matt (sorry this long winded)
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