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  1. Logs attached. No scan performed by Malwarebytes. I had updated to the latest Windows Feature update released a few days ago and rebooted a few times. The usb drive had been attached all the time. I went to eject it as I normally do when the warning message appeared for the first time. Whilst this laptop is very new I had ejected the usb drive 20+ times and never seen the warning. mbst-grab-results.zip
  2. No, I don't but it was a brand new laptop only 10 days ago and a new download of Malwarebytes was installed as soon as it was up and running - well after April 25th!
  3. I have run the support tool which reinstalled Malwarebytes and for now has fixed the problem.
  4. I just updated Windows 10 to the new 1903 feature release and when trying to safely eject an external USB drive to see the following warning message: The driver '\Driver\MBAMSwissArmy' is preventing this device from being stopped at the moment. Try stopping the device again later. Of course, later never works and to safely remove the drive I have to shut down. Using the latest 3.7.1 of Malwarebytes and never seen this message prior to the Windows 1903 update. Any ideas how to resolve this?
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