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  1. You need to close all Chrome processes, scan and remove then re-scan for safety. It seems to stay around if you have any Chrome processes running. Use Task Manager (I've replied on two other HeckCall posts with more detailed steps). No idea where it's come from though as I have MalwareBytes Pro and Avast running all the time.
  2. I had it too. Check your Task Manager and ensure you end all Chrome tasks then scan, remove it, then re-scan and it should no longer show up. I then re-opened Chrome and scanned again, and it was not found. Task Manager - Press Ctrl Alt and Delete keys then choose task manager, then go to Processes, find all the Chrome tasks (I had about 6) click each and then click End Task. You may get warnings of somethings crashing, don't worry. Once there are no Chrome processes showing run MalwareBytes and remove it, then run malwarebytes again and it should be gone. I've also just
  3. Hi All, I also just got warnings about this. Several scans and removes and it kept re-appearing. No idea what it is. I then closed Chrome and checked what processes were running, my task manager (CTRL ALT Del then choose task manager), showed lots of Chrome processes. So I 'End Task' on each them (select it and at the bottom click End Task. Once they were all closed I re-ran Malware Bytes and it then found it and removed it, I then re-scanned and it found nothing. I then re-opened Chrome and re-scanned and nothing is being found now. No idea what the thing i
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