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  1. Thanks for the follow up Maurice. i found the solutions from the other forum users. But your request for the reports creates a bit of suspicion on my part. I have seen the amount of confidential information in them, and quite frankly, would never send it the anyone! There is just way too much information in the scan report, IMO. And your insisted request , raised even more flags on my part. You could be using that data for ANY number of projects. I beleive the reports should focus on certain information related to virus's and malware, not all the extra information about the PC, the OS, Users, etc... Just my opinion, no need to reply and tell me that you need all that info to perform an analysis. Thanks again.
  2. Hi, Malwarebytes is continuously finding HECKCALL after quarenting and deleteing. I cannot find anything on google, etc... Anyone know what it is? Thx!
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