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  1. I eventually got this to work...for now. The proof will be if I cease getting these false positives for the next few weeks or so. In the meantime, I do have some comments about your instructions and the screen shots contained in that explanation. Several of the screen shots contained information that I did not see while trying to follow those instructions. Here are the problems. 1. The first screen shot in your steps 3. and 4. did not appear on my computer. I am running Windows 10 Pro on a Dell 5810 with a Xeon CPU E51620 V 4 running at 3.50 GHz. This computer has 32 GB of RAM and is
  2. For some time now I have been receiving 89 false positives on a DAILY BASIS concerning the presence of PUP.Optional.Spigot.Generic and PUP.Optional.PolarityTech.Generic problems. I quarantine all 89 of these reports and then go to Quarantine and DELETE all 89 reports only to see them return in 24 hours. I ready everything on the Malwarebytes blog about this and NOTHING POSTED WORKS. I am running Windows 10 Pro on a 64 bit system with all updates. Here is a copy of my DAILY scan results: Malwarebytes www.malwarebytes.com -Log Details- Scan Date: 5/30/19 Scan Time: 7:14 AM Log
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