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  1. Post Script. A word or two of explanation about my last message is in order. The file I sent was for the Malwarebytes people to review. AND Despite what I wrote earlier, the problem has now started again. Interestingly, though, each time I close the pop-up, MalwareBytes sends me a message immediately, saying that it has blocked the threat. Hmmm. -- Rob
  2. mbst-grab-results.zipmbst-grab-results.zip Many thanks for the advice! Here is the file. -- Rob
  3. Hi exile360. Many thanks for your detailed and very informative post! As it turns out, Malwarebytes ran another scan earlier this morning -- and fixed the problem. Again, thank you for writing. I will return to your note for guidance if the problem recurs. Best wishes, Rob
  4. For the past week or two, I've been getting pop-ups on my Google Chrome Browser. I've attached a screenshot of one of them. The pop-ups try to get me to visit a variety of unsavory websites. But they always have this text: Google Chrome • www.gallery Malwarebytes does not find it. If any of your have suggestions on how I might get rid of this pest, I'd be most grateful. -- Rob
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