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  1. As a recently joined new member and user, I would like to suggest that the software is somewhat user unfriendly to the computer user group at large.  It has some quirks that are not obvious to the insiders who design it.  For example, my first scan log had about 60 PUPs; most of which are Chrome extensions.  Some were obviously put there by other users than myself. If I want to investigate these PUPs, it would be a nice feature to be able to copy and paste all or part of the log entry to search on line for information as to what the PUP is and why it is there.  Right now as a FREE user, I cannot copy anything from the log to paste in a search block.

    Maybe the paid subscription service member can do this; but I am in the trial period of trying out the paid version and I cannot do a copy.

    Another assumption made by the people who wrote the User Guide is that when a user sees a message from Malware Bytes that says

    Website blocked due to malware

    the user is likely to think that this means that the web site URL most recently clicked on to attempt to access is the website that is being blocked.  But most of the time it is a web site that has been re-directed by some unwanted marketing software residing somewhere on the user's computer.  This error message should identify what web site is being blocked.  This is my biggest problem with my computer these days of windows 10.  Re-directs by marketing software hiding somewhere in a browser extension or elsewhere.  I cannot find it and expunge it.  Malware Bytes cannot find it; it might be is one of the 60 plus PUPs that the scanner detects; but how do I know which one it is?

  2. When to open a new suggestion to me is daunting.  It looks like there are 80 plus pages of suggestions.  To look at all 80 some pages and wait for them to load and remember what you have already looked at is intimidating.  Most people won't bother.  If you truly want to get the best feedback from the user group, you need to have an index of suggestion names that could be densely displayed on 1 or 2 pages.

  3. I did not time it; but estimate for me to sign up is 5 minutes.      Problem is two fold.   The password comparator algorithm does not operate in real time and when you have inadvertently typed in non-matching passwords you are forced to go through Captcha another time.  I use complex passwords and it took me 3 trips through captcha before winning.  Yes, I could have taken more time and written my new password down and typed it in with 1 finger, 1 letter at a time and not made mistakes; but old habits die hard.

    Second problem is Captcha photos; some of them are such poor resolution in the distance that you cannot be sure of contents.  Also some of them like storefronts have photos that are a matter of guessing if they are store fronts because there are no store names, doors or other solid clues that the photo is actually a store front.  I think Captcha needs more quality assurance testing by 3rd party outsiders of their product.

    I have used captcha before and as always (on other websites) it is a frustrating experience.

    In the interest of appealing to a larger membership and not turn off prospective new members and potential paying subscribers, I suggest you try to make the sign up filter more user friendly by addressing the above difficulties.  I have seen very creative, simple effective "Captcha" substitutes on other web sites.  I am sure with a little effort your creative people could make a unique to malware; but more foolproof robot detector algorithm in lieu of using Capthca.


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