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  1. Ok, if it happens again I will attempt to grab the URL. Best wishes and thanks.
  2. That all makes sense, I think it did fool me by hiding in another Firefox tab/window. I have written to the blog owner already, I know him well, so I hope he can sort something out. As I run Malwarebytes, it's a shame that doesn't have a way to block these things. Cheers.
  3. Along those lines, but no human voice, just a loud beeping noise. Until today I thought it was what you suggest above, but today the PC wouldn't do anything, and when I closed the browser (firefox) and re-opened it, the bloody thing was still there. Malwarebytes has now opened and done a scan with no problems detected, so I will assume all is OK, and will send a message to the Wordpress blog owner that he has this adware problem, as it only appears when I browse his blog (if you're curious, it's aeolipera.wordpress.com. Thanks for the speedy response.
  4. Hello. I run the purchased version of Malwarebytes. I keep getting a Win32 virus message popping up, but only after I visit a certain blog (hosted on Wordpress). My PC still works, but the instance this afternoon locked firefox. Currently unable to run Malwarebytes. Tried a system restore, but was told it didn't work, and the message suggested removing Malwarebytes, which sounded suspicious to me. I think my PC is infected, and hope you can help me. Thanks.
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