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  1. Yup, just started getting the same thing for a variety of programs which I know don't have malware.. Overwolf / Twitch Desktop / etc.
  2. wasn't fast startup*. Why isn't editing allowed? LOL.
  3. It was fast startup for me. Bitdefender released an update yesterday that fixed the issue.
  4. I just started having this same problem and have no idea why. Sometimes it displays on startup and sometimes it doesn't. By the way this has nothing to do with fast startup. I've always had fast startup and it only started on Friday.
  5. No worries, I will wait it out for a couple hours. Bitdefender is completely uninstalled though. The shortcut link to that file location is dated 11/3/2017. I've removed it manually.
  6. I've been getting this message since my first attempt. Attached are new logs showing both were uninstalled and Malwarebytes was installed manually with Bitdefender still uninstalled. Same issue. mbst-grab-results.zip
  7. I just purchased a license through Malwarebytes, installed the software but I'm getting this Installation Token not found error message when activating my license. Activating through the website also doesn't activate the software. Attached are the logs. mbst-grab-results.zip
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