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  1. So... Unless I have malware, I am unable to add anything to the whitelist? I want to add things to the whitelist that I know are safe to reduce scan times, but I'm not going to intentionally infect my device with malware just to do so...
  2. If I could edit my post I would, but that doesn't seem to be an option for some reason. Just wanted to add that I do not even get prompted to add new apps to the whitelist when installing them. Not sure if I'm supposed to, but I don't.
  3. Virgin Mobile Samsung Galaxy A8 (2018) [SM-A530W] Android version 9 Phone is not rooted. No other security software running. I am unable to add any apps to the whitelist. I can view the whitelist, but that is it. I cannot figure out how to edit it in any way. As it is now, it is just blank. Nothing is in the whitelist. Long pressing apps in the, "App Manager" section does nothing other than go to that app's info within MBAM. From there I can go into Android's app info section where I can either uninstall or force stop. On the scanner page all I can do is remove
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