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  1. I meant my malwarebytes forum password. But in fact it was an identifier error. False alert. Thank you again for your attention and your availability. All the best.
  2. Can you delete the zip file above? There is already 2 downloads instead of 1... Thank you.
  3. Here's the report. Thank you again sincerely for your help. My malwarebytes password was no longer valid. I had to change it. Is this normal? rapport malwarebytes du 23-05-2019.txt
  4. Perfect. it's installed and open. I had 1 malware and 4 crap (pump). I was sure of it. Malwarebytes never let me down. Question: I was told that Kaspersky (for example) + Malwarebytes were needed to provide good protection. What do you think, knowing that malwarebytes still finds things that Kaspersky does not find? Otherwise yes, Emisoft was there only temporarily to clean up my nonsense. I did not know but he found me a virus that kaspersky had not seen. I finally uninstalled it. I had previously used mbam clean and adwcleaner and cccleaner but it did not solve my problem. Now I am reassured. Thanks a lot for your help.
  5. Thank you for your help. Here is the zip file: mbst-grab-results.zip
  6. Hello, After several cleanings, I have a virus that prevents malwarebytes from working. Here is what I had as a window to the installation (photo 1&2) Then at each launch (photo 3) Can not manually start malwarbytes services (photo 4&5) A replacement of the "hosts" file has not changed anything. Thank you for helping me.
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