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  1. Hi LiquidTension The issue is repeated again to the same Clients a few more times. Currently I am out of Office. I will come back to you on Monday and I will provide the logs you requiered.
  2. Hallo LiquidTension, that's encountered two machines till now. Attached you can find the logs you required. Thank you for your help! Logs1.zip
  3. Thats happend serveral times to our clients since tomorrow even though the file direction (C:\Windows\System32\userinit.exe) is included to Anti-Malware and Anti-Ransomware Exclusion List Any help? Thanks in advance Malwarebytes Management Server Notification -------------------------------------------- Alert Time: 12.02.2020 16:01:30 Server Hostname: Server Domain/Workgroup: Description: Ransomware threat detected, see details below: Time HostName IPAddress ThreatName Operation Clean Result ObjectSc
  4. We just rolled out the last Anti-Exploit Version: to our test Endpoints One of the Clients (windows-10 virtual machine) got this alert-message as soon as he tries to open Internet Explorer. Malwarebytes management server emailed over a notice about this alert every times the client tries to open IE. Below is the alert-message from Server and attached are the MBAE Logs from that VM. Malwarebytes Management Server Notification -------------------------------------------- Alert Time: 22.05.2019 10:29:46 Server Hostname: ***** S
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