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  1. Hi Nasdaq, Thanks for your reply...I shouldn't need any further assistance at the moment but I appreciate it nonetheless! Please close (or, delete if possible) this topic, Thanks!
  2. and the scan is here. seems resolved now after using everything (MWB scan, MWB Anti-Rootkit Beta, ADW, BitDefender full scan, AVG deep scan, AVG neshta tool). Thanks anyway! mwb 22may2019.txt
  3. *neshta, sorry. can't see how to edit my post - apologies for the spam.
  4. Get a bunch of errors on boot re: app .exe files. Bitdefender won't even work properly, "services are not responding". Scans from Malwarebytes and Bitdefender come back with Veshta hits. Ran the AVG Veshta tool and rebooted, let it run on boot etc. Thanks for any and all help!
  5. Hi there, Believe i'm infected, have to run lots of programs as admin or i get an error unable to find the .exe to which each shortcut links. Also, some things just don't work. Programs that shouldn't open, do. Ones that should, don't. Everything seems sketchy... I'm relatively savvy, just inebriated so would appreciate any and all assistance! Attaching the two files as directed to by the/a tutorial for getting support here. Addition.txt FRST.txt
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