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  1. Thanks for kind words about my wife. Hopefully she is coming good although M.S. is permanent. I have attached the fixlog file. I unistalled and reinstalled pro trial version which ran ok. It didnt find any threats. I close it and started it again and it worked fine so looks as if you have solved the problem - many many thanks. PS now I have malwarebytes back do you see any benefit in usingt ESET and/or panda online versions as well? Fixlog.txt
  2. Wonderful help thanks. I have to take my wife to hospital today so cant run your fix till later but answer questions below. Avast installed itself, I think when updating ccleaner. I used its uninstall tool to remove it. When I could not get malwarebytes to run I looked for online tools not antivirus that have to be installed. Two apparently good ones are ESET and Panda. They are onetime run tools. I have only recently used them and only run them once each. The only antivirus I use is windows defender (recommended by site "askleo"). did find a few minor items. To the best of my knowledge I havent had a virus for a long time. Malwarebytes found nothing for a long time also. Happy to remove ESET and panda if you advise it.
  3. Unfortunately in its list of programs Revo free did not show UVK (I tried ccleaner uninstall and it didnt see it either). I suspect other uninstallers will not find it. I see references to an uninstall file that should be in the UVK folder but its not there. I really appreciate your help on this.
  4. Thanks again. I dont think I installed UVK??? UVK uninstall is greyed out. In C:program files UVK the uninstall file is missing. There are many web sites that say they can uninstall it but they may be as bad. Do you know of any trusted uninstaller please?
  5. Thanks for detailed and clear instructions, also quick reply. Grab file attached. mbst-grab-results.zip
  6. Couldnt get Malwarebytes to run on my win 10 PC. Uninstalled then installed V Will not run - message says "unable to commence the service" Tried several times, rebooted, same result. mb-check-results.zip
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