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  1. I don't agree that it was only 1 license per machine.. In 2011 when i got mine, you could buy a lifetime license for 1 Pc OR for a bundle of 3 machines in one lifetime license. (or maybe you call it Account) It was not possible to use that license for more than 3 machines . Lasse
  2. I have the Malwarebytes 3.0 Premium licensed for Lifetime for 3 Machines and I have used all 3 since year 2011. My account now shows 0.1 Licenses (and using more machines than my account is allowed for) I have still 2 Machines running with the Premium program and one machine is back to basic. I guess that more of them will be back to basic in the next update. Lasse
  3. I have used Malwarebytes since 2011 with 3 Licenses on 3 PC's. Yesterday I found an old PC that was replaced with a new PC 2 years ago. In order to see if it could be used by the children I booted up to see if it could be useful. There was a copy of Malwarebytes on that PC that should have been removed. Before I could remove Malwarebytes I had license problems. Malwarebytes is removed but I now have only 1 Lifetime license instead of 3. Any ideas how to solve this? Lasse
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