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  1. I would use only one security app on the phone unless they are known to play well together. I have seen people with several anti-malware apps have similar problems to you. I have so far used MB with Bitdefender on Android devices with no problem, but other mixes I have seen over the years caused serious issues with performance. Also please remove on, then scan the phone with it. In general I found MB to be very good on Android devices, one person I know had his phone destroyed by malware. Fortunately, MB fixed it. Before deciding which one to keep please look online at some recent r
  2. No problem. I have uninstalled it for now on my Mac, I still have it on other Windows and Android devices. I have a spare Bit Defender licence that I put on to the mac for now. I also noticed that MWB was taking a very long time to scan my Mac. This together made me feel a little insecure about using it as my main line of defence. If it gets fixed I may add it as a secondary product on my Mac.
  3. I am having similar issues. In addition, MWB always has a CPU usage of about 55%, even if malware protection and app block are both turned off. I am using version 4.6.12.
  4. Thanks for Kevin. I will upload something soon. Was busy.
  5. I recently re-installed Chrome, so that I can have a better Google Apps experience. I had previously deleted it as the Ask Toolbar would not leave. The same problem has emerged again (about a year later). I have tried various options: - Malwarebytes scan, followed by quarantine and deletion - Using AdwRemover, nothing comes up when this is run. - Resetting chrome, so there are no extensions etc. - My main antivirus (Bit defender) finds nothing either, even when run in Rescue mode. - deleting then reinstalling chrome. It seems to reinstall the minute I start up Ch
  6. Hello. I use both Windows and Macs on a daily basis, and because of getting a cheap deal back in the early days of Malwarebytes I still have a licence for it. Under Windows, I am running both BD and MB together, with no problem. Indeed, they seem to complement one another. I would appreciate any views on whether it is a good idea on a Mac, or pointless, also if anyone has already done it. I get the point that one security suit is usually enough. So I would only add it if there performance doesn't collapse and it would improve security.
  7. Thanks, I trued again and the same issue arises. I think it is because the physical download comes from a cloudfront.net address.
  8. If you are into programming, then one way to check it is to build a Python app using Pyinstaller. I was doing this recently, and it triggered all kinds of alerts... and all it was only a GUI test screen.... It was a false positive but showed it was scanning..
  9. Hello, Like many people, I am now working at home. Therefore, I tried to download Splashtop (which is a remote access system much like Teamviewer). However, when I try to download it (from their site as I have paid for it), I get told that it is an address known for Malware. Please, can someone at Malwarebytes let me know if it really is Malware? I will not use it if that is the case. Their website is: https://www.splashtop.com/. The error only occurs when trying to download the app, and not before. Cheers, Rod
  10. Hello, I am using Pycharm, however I am not able to open up cmd.exe inside the Pycharm development environment as it is blocked by MB Ransomware detection. Even if I exclude the Pycharm components in MB the problem persists. In the end I have to turn off Ransomware protection which is not ideal. Please can you provide a workaround for this? I would rather not leave such a gaping security hole.
  11. That sounds like a good idea, as many users may fall for such a thing, it is quite easy to do unless you check out the author etc. Having worked in a computer security research centre (although not directly in the field) I am more sensitive to such things but I really wish Google would be more proactive in stopping this stuff in the first place as I am sure many people may have installed the rogue extension.
  12. Thanks David and Rakka, the main thing is that it gets removed from the store. The real one is actually good so it would be a shame to get a bad reputation for something which is not the fault of Malwarebytes.
  13. Hello Malwarebytes, I was installing the extension on another Chrome installation today, when I was doing so I noticed there are two extensions available on the store. Including the one below: The app is offered by: TuliDescargar.com https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/malwarebytes/nnegppnckphibjejnddpkhgohipeojnc Please can you look into this? Kind regards, rod
  14. I have to say that in general the Chrome extension has worked pretty well so far. However, I had a false positive today with the Microsoft Onedrive website being the issue. When clicking on a link which is https://1drv.ms (followed by the file URL) this was blocked. I can of course bypass it by continuing but it is a little annoying .
  15. I just checked the Playstore it seems to be available.
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