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  1. Thanks exile360 I followed your instructions and since I have program installed on two different computers, I used the email I purchased for the one in question as you instructed and found the registered Malwarebytes and deactivated it. That fixed the problem, I clicked activate and it took my old license information and the program is now been activated to Premium. Again thank you so much for the assistance.
  2. My Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Pro Order reference # is 52667498. Mind you this was bought directly through Malwarebytes Corporation website and registration provide by Cleverbridge.
  3. esterday my Pro version was still working and today I had to revert to a previous Windows image of April 23rd 2019 due to Windows issues and I noticed Malwarebytes was no longer Pro but Trial version and a bright orange box on the upper right corner that said "Upgrade Now" and on the left a blue box that said "Activate License". Well, since a have a PDF copy from Cleverbridge who is the e-commerce seller for Malwarebytes Corporation or so it was back in November 23, 2013 and provides me with an ID# and a Key#, that still worked last time I had to upgrade my OS on my computer. I said no problem, I will press the blue activate button, enter my key and check box below that says "My license came with a License ID". Well it said I had exceeded maximum installations as in the attached picture. I didn't not reinstalled by did a re-imaging of my OS from last month Windows backup, where Malwarebytes Pro was installed and working. My license was a lifetime license and now mysteriously downgraded to trial. What gives?
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