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  1. Thanks very much Daske. I checked back with the customer about the exact link she was blocked from and when she retested, she found that she no longer received the error message. Best regards, Ann
  2. I'm sorry, Dashke, but I don't know what you mean by "the protection log". Our site is hosted by Bluehost, and we have site security via Site Lock services. Should I contact the person who maintains our Word Press site, or should I contact Bluehost, or Site Lock re a protection log? I should also mention that we email customers via Constant Contact email services, and that it was by clicking a link to our site in a Constant Contact email, that our customer received the Malware warning that I attached yesterday.
  3. A customer of our website international.elann.com reported that when she clicked a link to visit our site, she received a Malwarebytes warning that the site was blocked because it may be phishing. It is definitely not. elann.com is the legitimate domain of a legitimate company that has been doing business on the web for over 25 years. Kaspersky and Norton deem the website to be clean as a whistle. Can you please help? Please let me know if you need any further details.
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