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  1. Well I can not ask for a refund (it's been too long). Could not you try to see where the key is activated at least?
  2. Not exactly, since I was able to activate it before I formatted my computer. In other words, I have my license used in another version that I do not have Windows installed
  3. When I do an analysis, they always appear to me as unwanted programs. So, are they really a vulnerability for the team? NOTE: When I send them to quarantine I can no longer use these programs. 1.txt
  4. When I try to register my license key again (on my newly formatted device) it is not possible for me, since it shows me to be linked to another device (I have tried it both in the program and in my user account). So, my question is, how could I unlink and re-link it? NOTE: I bought the license on an unofficial page apparently.
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