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  1. Hi just a update it is still doing the exact same thing. After a couple of shutdowns and turning it back on the Malwarebytes icon in the system tray does not appear+
  2. I have done this and will let you know if the issue re occurs thank you for the help I dont understand why this issue is present when i never had this issue as i have been using malwarebytes for years.
  3. I have done mutiple reboots and no slow start up everything starts up fine, as for fast start up I have had malwarebytes in the past infact I have been running malware bytes for years and never had this issue with fast start up. I have attached the files that you have requested thank you for your help. EventLogs.zip
  4. I have done exactly as this says will keep you updated if the tray icon vanishes again. I still dont understand how this fixes a icon vanishes when i have clean install of windows 10 which i re installed twice inorder to fix the issue but lets see. Thank you for the help I will see if it vanishes again.
  5. This issue is new for me i have never had this issue before i have always used malwarebytes with avast for as long as i remember and never have I had this issue occur on me. This is the first time this has ever happened and it does seem like a malwarebytes bug as this is a brand new build with a clean install of windows from a clean download of windows 10 iso via usb. I will do as the person suggested and see if the issue resolves but I do not understand how his steps relate to the system tray icon vanishing and if fast start is the cause which i admit I have enabled via the bios why hasnt it
  6. Addtionally can you also please explain these Malwarebytes inconsistencies that you have found as i have never had a issue with both avast and malwarebytes on the same system ever. This issue is pretty common upon searching online it seems many people are plagued with this problem but not reporting here but on microsofts support page, it does seem like a bug that is occuring as this issue has never happened to me before i have built pc's for a really long time and not once has this issue occured. Thank you
  7. Thank you for the solution how does all of this equate to the tray icon just vanishing on its own, I have always used avast and malwarebytes free all my life I have never had a issue until now. Can you please explain how avast is causing the system tray icon to vanish when this has never happened before and how will the above steps stop the system tray icon from vanishing?
  8. I turned my pc off and went to eat and upon returning to it and turning it back on malwarebytes system tray icon has once again vanished all my other system tray icons are still there, upon this I ran the malwarebytes support app and gathered logs which i will uploading here. I also uploaded a screen cap of my desktop to show there is no system tray icon. mbst-grab-results.zip
  9. I dont know if this release is avaiable or has been cancled i had a issue where i installed malwarebytes on a brandnew pc with a clean install of windows 10 pro. The system tray icon was fine until a day after i started my pc and the system tray icon was gone. Upon restart it comes back, so what i did was removed malwarebytes and re installed it and for two days it was fine, i was using my pc more within those days the icon was fine until today i turned my pc and the system icon was gone. It cleary is a bug with malwarebytes as i never had this issue before and nor has the system tray icon has
  10. Has this issue been fixed because I had this happened to me twice on a brand new computer i just built. All parts brand new, I installed malwarebytes and then a day after the system tray icon vanished and then i re installed malwarebytes and all seemed well and then two days later which is today the system tray icon vanished again, i ran the malwarebytes tool which removes the software and re installs in but I have a feeling this will happene again as it happened twice. Has this issue not yet been addressed its may 2019 and i am seeing comments from 2018 and Jan 2019 which is 4 months ago? any
  11. Hey guys I have a clean install of windows 10 a brand new pc built and I installed malwarebytes been using it for a long time never had a issue with it until recently. I installed the program all was well until the system tray icon just vanished and i unistalled malwarebytes and re installed it and for two days the system tray icon appeared as normal i even turned on my pc a few times a day to see if the icon would appear and it did and it wasnt until a few minutes ago i turned my pc on to find the icon was not there so what I did was restart the pc and it came back. It seems this is a Bug wit
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