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  1. Hi, you said that it should be fixed now, but we are still having users that are running into this issue. How exactly are you ensuring that it won't be detected? It is based on the executable name? A check-sum? I've re-uploaded the bits here with what is the latest version, which has been updated since the last post. If it's based off of a check-sum of the executable, then we're going to need a better way to exclude it as updates are deployed for it fairly regularly. MixItUp.zip
  2. Hi, I have the following side-application that I recently developed along side a product that I maintain. Unfortunately, some of our users have run into issues or been unable to use this due to MalwareBytes detecting it as MachineLearning/Anomalous and quarantining it. Specifically, the executable "MixItUp.AutoHoster.exe" is what is being flagged. Below you'll find a link to the source code for this application, as well as the compiled version attached. I would request that this be added to the database of known good applications so that our users can use it without issue. Thank you. https://github.com/SaviorXTanren/mixer-mixitup/tree/master/MixItUp.AutoHoster MixItUp.AutoHoster.exe.zip
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