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  1. Yes, autorefresh is on. Yes the MEEClientService is running. Would it be due to a client not being on the internal network? I thought that it still updated and talked with the server as long as it was connected to the Internet. Thoughts?
  2. Hi! We have been using MMC for about 6 months. At first the MMC seemed to work well with the client push install or creating packages for client installation. After the upgrade, I am having issues with the product overall. For most of the clients they are registered and show online. However, I have a number of clients that are showing up now as offline, when I know that they client is online. Also, when doing an IP scan, it is not finding all of the clients that are on the network. Therefore, I cannot do a client push install. Also, I have had intermittent issues with the clients after creating an installation package. They have showed online at first. However, after some amount of time they end up showing as offline in MMC, even though the clients are connected to the internet or internal network. Any assistance would be great. Thanks Lisa
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