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  1. Hello and thank you again for your reply, I haven't checked anything in safe mode yet, I am quite new to Windows 10 and I am still figuring out how to navigate it. I am sure I can do a quick google search to find out how to start up in safe mode, but before I do any scans, do these programs require me to only run them in safe mode or do I scan first? I ask because on my Windows 7 I couldn't run safe mode with an internet connection. Of course I can download everything first and then reboot in safe mode if required.
  2. Hello Liquid Tension, Thank you for your reply. For the elaboration part, it is spontaneously double clicking on the left and right buttons, mostly double clicks, for example if I right clicked to activate the cursor in a box to type it would highlight an entire page as if I was wanting to copy text. If I click the cursor mid sentence to correct a typo instead of the cursor moving to where the point is it again highlights an entire page. It happen in the internet and when opening files/folders. I do not have another mouse to test but I have been using this mouse on another PC and I am not getting this double clicking problem on that PC. I assumed it to be some kind of infection since my machine had started lagging on booting up, and programs have started taking a long time to open. As I mentioned in my first post that I've had a malware or virus like this before in the past and when this problem occured last week, I was reading something on the internet and suddenly a tab opened up on it's own and a file downloaded to my pc, it downloaded so fast that I had no chance to cancel it, but I just moved it to the trash. I had to close my browser down because the tab that opened itself creating a download caused my entire browsers to freeze up, but you seem to read in my logs I have no infection?
  3. I've had this problem in the past but I can't remember how to fix it, it was malware or viral previously. I have a rough idea that it occured two days ago while I was looking for a .dll file via a site for DirectX I am aware that I downloaded something, which I didn't install I just moved it to the trash, and this double clicking has been going on since then. I found this thread: https://forums.malwarebytes.com/topic/233643-mouse-double-clicking-problem/ I started the process of the instructions given to this member but now I am stuck at the part where it says download the file called fixlist.txt. I am not sure where or how to download it. I shall attach the two files I have so far. Oh also worth a mention that I ran the Malwarebytes program but it hasn't detected anything. I really work better with picture instructions if that's possible. Addition.txt FRST.txt
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