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  1. Hello, My support ticket came back and the issue was fixed. Sorry about the inconvenience.
  2. Good morning, a couple of people from our community that use Malwarebytes have reported to us that part of our program is getting detected as a false positive (Anomalous.100%) The code is open-source so you guys are more than welcome to have a look ( https://github.com/SaviorXTanren/mixer-mixitup/tree/master/MixItUp.AutoHoster ) The ZIP file that includes the detected .exe file: Download from Github (File Name: MixItUp.AutoHoster.exe) https://github.com/SaviorXTanren/mixer-mixitup/releases/download/0.5.0/MixItUp-PreReleaseSigma-v0.5.0.zip Unfortunately, I do not use Malwarebytes so I was unable to grab the logs you guys have requested in the other thread. Please let me know if you request further information. I provided a few screenshots of what the community has reported.
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