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  1. SPDIF & Maurice Naggar, thank you for your replies. I will then be patient 👍 Thank you.
  2. Hi to Maurice Naggar and exile360, Yes Maurice, I have created a Ticket via Malwarebytes Support already - and with no response, that is why I am now posting my license activation problem via this forum - as no one has gotten back to me..? And yes exile360, I have also already made an account via the Malwarebytes Account page, and yes using the same email address, but as stated I am Still waiting for some sort of resolution and response to my license activation problem so that my computer can be protected, as I have indeed purchased this license? Any help would be much appreciated, thank you
  3. Hi, I have just tried re activating my Malwarebytes lifetime license but with no luck. A day or so ago I had to re install Windows 10 as I was unable to access Windows due to an error in the Windows registry. I was also then unable to de activate my lifetime license from this old Windows 10 installation as I was unable to access my old Windows. So when I tried to re activate my license in the new Malwarebytes installation, it states that "the usage level has exceeded the maximum installations allowed". It then had an option to 'Deactivate other devices', but when I clicked this, it went straight to the malwarebytes account website, where I made an account and again attempted to re activate the license key, but with the same problem now re occurring...? All I ask is if you could please add my license key to my account so that I can indeed register it via the My Account page, and also if you could "Deactivate my other devices" for me to continue to use my same lifetime license on my new Windows installation. And I can provide my license key and email address for account purposes at any time via a private message if need be. Many thanks and I will await your reply.
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