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  1. I have 87 endpoints under "Remediation Required". They all have a detected false positive from several weeks ago that has since been fixed by MB. How can I do a remediation on all of these at once to get the 87 to go away? If I go into each one individually, I can click "Remediation Required" and then "Remediate". But I want to do this for all of them...
  2. Sorry for the delay! Here ya go. mbst-grab-results.zip
  3. We have a workstation with a java web app that launches from a .vbs script...the script is being blocked as "Malware.Exploit.Agent.Generic" but I am unable to create an exclusion for it because exploit exclusions require MD5 hash, which I do not have.
  4. We have a legitimate .vbs file being detected as an Exploit. Unfortunately, we are unable to add it as an exclusion because only file hashes can be applied to Exploit Protection exclusions. File by path causes Exploit Protection to be grayed out: For now, we created a temporary group and policy with exploit protection disabled but this is obviously not something we want to keep. What's the solution to this?
  5. I'm also experiencing this with multiple endpoints. Please advise @knguyen1.
  6. Under 'Remediation Required' we are still seeing these detections from May 5. How do we clear these out? We've already added exceptions for the two registry entries.
  7. So how do we address this in Malwarebytes Endpoint Protection cloud console? I don't see anyway to update a database?
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