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  1. More specifically, the website is: cryptocurrencytopnews.com/2018/12/14/bitcoin-beats-google-trends-in-2018-as-internet-users-seek-to-know-what-it-is#ad Chrome will not load the page now as it states that the site cannot provide a secure connection as it uses an unsupported protocol (not sure what this means) and says ERR_SSL_VERSION_OR_CIPHER_MISMATCH
  2. Hi, Recently (as in the past day or two) my phone (Samsung S9+ Exynos UK) has been randomly opening up chrome and opening up a page from some website called crypotcurrencytopnews. while I know what cryptocurrency is, that's pretty much the extant of my knowledge on the subject, and I have never gone on such a site before (to the best of my knowledge). This happens even when on the home screen or watching a youtube video. I've run the malwarebytes scan and even selected the deep scan option but so far it says nothing has been found. hopefully someone can help with figure out what is c
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